“A-PRP NOVAREG” KIT platelet rich plasma

Very efficient, save and simple yet technologically advanced. There are only a few simple steps to get the treatment done and achieve spectacular effects

1. Blood Harvesting
2. Centrifugation: platelets separation (8min)
3. Plateler Rich Plasma (PRP) Collection
4. Administration –> Growth Factors releasing(platelets breaks, activation inside a healed place of a patient and intensive regeneration starts)

We are the first-hand manufacturer based in the EU. As a strict follower of very demanding EU norms and regulations we are offering the highest possible quality of PRP system. A-PRP Novareg is the efficient, complete system for platelets collection, seperation and concentration.

Main A-PRP Novareg system characteristics::

  1. Very efficient, save and simple yet technologically advanced.

2. Fully autologous process. No artificial activators, no artificial gel separators. Hence, no adverse effects

3. Most efficient, optimized platelets concentration factor: 2,5 – 4

4. Not less than 96% platelets unbroken quaranteed.

5. Platelets fully activated under the patient skin, inside the place being healed. Growth

6. Factors released inside a cured place.

7. Aspiration of 20 ml of blood which gives us 10 ml of plasma in average. Such a big

8. Ammount of plasma gives us an opportunity to get more than one ill places treated at once (for examaple two knees).

9. According to the table below it can be extracted and used 10 ml of plasma (PRP+PPP)

10.  4 – 5 ml of PRP with concentration factor up to “4”.The A-PRP Novareg system is equiped the way a practitioner decides which treatment to choose.

11. A-PRP Novareg Kit comprises two blisters. Blister “A” includes elements required for blood aspiration, Blister “B” includes elements for seperation and concentration platelets. This is very handy solution in case blood aspiration is impossible. Because both blisters are separated from each other and sterilized apart, by opening the Blister “A” you don’t desterilize Blister “B”. Hance, if the blood aspiration failes the Blister “B” can be used in the future at any moment and for any patient. 

Additionally we have the centrifuges at our offer. Models we have in the offer are very handy, fully conform to the A-PRP Novareg system.

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