“A-PRP NOVAREG” KIT platelet rich plasma


We are the first-hand manufacturer based in the EU. As a strict follower of very demanding EU norms and regulations we are offering the highest possible quality of PRP system.

A-PRP Novareg is an efficient, complete system for platelets collection, seperation and concentration. Optimized platelets concertation factor, harvesting unbroken platelets and natural activation inside a healing place are the crucial factors of achiving satisfactory results in PRP treatments.

A-PRP Novareg system conforms to all of this factors and this is why it is very efficient in the areas of Orthopeadics, Sport Medicine and Rheumatology.

Concidering area of orthopeadics the most common fields where A-PRP Novareg is utilized are:

– tenis elbow
– golfer elbow
– knee injuries
– Achilles tendon injuries and inflamantion – other tendons inflamation
– bones reunion acceleration
– muscles injuries
– others
In the area of rheumatology:
– all kind of joints inflamations – joints injuries
– OA

The pictures below show PRP administration.

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